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Our People

Key to our success is that we ensure that our people’s skills, creativity and innovation are shared throughout our organisation, as part of our commitment to delivering best practice in the sector to help as many of the disadvantaged in our communities as possible.

Inherent within the experience and knowledge that we apply to achieving our outcomes, are the values and the ethics that drive the culture of our organisation.

Our Mission

To positively impact people.

Our Vision

To double our success through outstanding performance by everyone, everyday.

Our Values

  • Authentic
  • Passionate
  • Collaborative
  • Performance Excellence
  • All Safe, All the Time

We currently have a dedicated workforce of over 500, who every day engage on a personal level with our job seekers to assist them in achieving their full potential. This team of committed individuals are unique in both reflecting and celebrating the cultural diversity of the communities we serve, and include people who themselves have previously been job seekers on our caseload.