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Sustainable work transforms the lives of individuals, families and communities. Australia Government share some common aims in the policy areas of tackling unemployment, building social inclusion, up skilling and advancing the workforce and employment for people with a disability. ESH works in close partnership with Australia Government to achieve their policy objectives of higher levels of workforce participation, addressing areas of skills shortage and advancement in the workforce and greater social inclusion for deprived and disadvantaged people. 

The people ESH directly assists are the unemployed, people with disabilities, ethnic minorities, Indigenous Australians, single parents, youth who are disengaged from education or employment, mature aged people, people that are currently employed and looking for advancement and ex-offenders together with mainstream job seekers. Our role is to develop and skill tomorrows workforce, forge strong links with employers and create sustainable employment opportunities.

As the outsourced delivery partner of government, ESH provides quality employment and preparatory training services for the hardest to help in the community. What ESH brings to each of our partnerships and delivers for government is a laser focus on outcomes – that is people with increased work skills and sustained jobs with real opportunities for progression. What ESH delivers for communities and individuals is inclusive and innovative thinking and flexible service delivery that builds capability by unearthing the spark of brilliance in everyone.